Saturday, December 22, 2007

when the party's over..


Well, I survived the holiday party. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I met some folks who I've only seen in the elevator (and kind of recall their name(s) and faces) We took some photos when we remembered to, and although the settings were once again off, were able to shoot a few decent shots (probably less than I should have posted on flikr). Not sure if I drank too much. I had two glasses of wine (2buck Chuck white) and feeling kind of like the floor was moving on me. I know my limits fortunately and switched to some diet coke. =) I think I should have nibbled on more solid before that though, the watermelon wedges and spinach quiche I had wasn't compensating for the drink. =) Suffice to say you won't see any pix of me in that flikr group. (LOL) Neither photo was flattering (Not to mention the light was off). Granted I have a TON of weight to lose (ok more like 50lbs) but having folks get you with your eyes closed or looking kind of messed up doesn't help.

Of course at the time I was too festive to really care. OTH, I did miss out on whatever caroling was going on at the Music Center. Seeing a couple of our longstanding residents was good though, as was chatting up our Leasing Manager, who still is trying to rent out that unit. *grin* Good Luck with THAT. ;P

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