Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas parties

Our building is having a Christmas party this Friday. I can think of other things going on I'd rather be at. For one there's a Holiday Sing Along downtown that sounds like fun. Oh well. This isn't the place for me to complain but yeah, I'm in a weird place of feeling I've been more social in a really long time and not really wanting to deal with strangers either.

We used to know some of the people in our building. The names anyway allude me but the faces were familiar and they all either moved up or out when their lease came due. I've seen the guy next door once and he was giving us an angry look. He only lives here during the week and commutes to his home every weekend. I'm sure he has plenty reason to be angry but not at me. I really hate how I can just soak up people's emotions sometimes. It's like reading in all caps or something. bleh..

I'm posting here more than normal. Probably because I've been using my blogger for more commenting than I really should be. I do exist! I just don't tend to go anywhere and when I do, it tends to be a draining experience eventually.. sort of like doing 15mile walk with no training. I'm out of practice. =)

If it wasn't cold & wet outside right now and there was somewhere to go, I'd probably be up for it. Just not, you know.. 15miles. Maybe a short walk.

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