Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Walking home in the rain..


Holiday lights outside Casey's Irish Pub. Rainy street. Coming back from the Bloggers on Ice meet (would have wanted to stay longer but the rain and the cold was getting me down) needed to be somewhere warm where more than just my paws, tightly wrapped around my hot chocolate (which was being downed pretty quick) wouldn't feel the chill so much.

For $3 that was one good hot chocolate. =)


City Center POZ said...

Thanks for visiting Big City and for the nice comments, Pamela.

I'm sorry I didn't meet you at the bloggers' event. I too scattered when the rain started, but Ruby and I had a good walk in the rain.

Ruby's a very nice girl, so maybe next time she can help you get over your dog-phobia.

I'm a bit bewildered by your three blogs. I picked one at random. If you have a chance, please let me know why the number 3.


meekorouse said...

hi joe!

hmmmm 3? I'm not quite sure what you mean there unless you mean my live journal account.

I (technically) have 2 public ones on blogger:

#1 'meeko crumbs' was a joke as 'anything left' I didn't contribute to the joint blog with SeanYoda.. (the husband). I don't have a car so any wanderings I do are on foot or bus.

#2 i5nomads one was supposed to be a joint effort with the husband (exasperated sigh) where we'd put our food reviews and the travel adventures from different events we have been to around the state, etc.. he never contributes. (shouldn't say never but 'never has so far') I end up posting a lot of stuff on my live journal instead.

If there is a #3..
My Live Journal, which I have had since July 2001, but that's mainly friends only and those are locked posts. I think I have that as my 'home page' or something currently, I think.

Live Journal is fun & handy in that I have been able to keep up with my friends elsewhere on more mundane day to day things. Also, I've met some great folks through it that I wouldn't have, if not for some of the communities on there. I can also set filters on it that aren't available to me via blogger or typepad. What you put out on blogger anyone can see (even if they can't necessarily comment).

I'm trying to be more public but yeah originally the blogger account was meant to be only a place where I could comment on other folks blogs. Then I started going to some of these blogger events now & again.. It's an active thing for me to share anything on here.

as an aside:
Since moving downtown it's weird. When we lived in the Bay Area it wasn't an issue for anyone to go anywhere and meet up but in LA it's like we live on the moon. We've had some fun, but it's isolating living downtown for whatever reason.

It's good to see people out & about doing things and just being. I'm babbling at this point.

Sorry.. Hope I answered your question in there somewhere.. (and I'm seriously considering giving up the 'joint effort' blogger one of these days.. I just need to get frustrated enough I guess). Ideally I'd like to lower my web presence some it gets to be much sometimes.

Pamela =)

ps: Ruby seeemed nice.. I was the shy chick letting Wonton sniff my hand (WonTon is a cool dog) but I wasn't familiar with Ruby or the others so I get a littler nervous but I did get a couple photos of the doggies on my flikr. =)

City Center POZ said...

Pamela, are you trying to start a fight?

Yes, I counted your live journal. I added that to the two public ones on blogger.

Now let's meet in the rink at Gold's Gym if we need to settle this further.

I'm not sure if you've lived anywhere else in L.A., but i've found that the whole city can be fairly isolating. Of course, it's even harder is one is shy like you and like me.

I plan on sticking around meeko's crumbs. Maybe someday you can join Ruby and me for a walk.


meekorouse said...

Pamela, are you trying to start a fight?

Yes, I counted your live journal. I added that to the two public ones on blogger.

LOL no.. no fights from me!!

I would be happy to meet Ruby on one of these non-rainy days.. (I'm thinking they need to have a bloggers on coffee meet someday instead of the bloggers on ice.. less outdoor to deal with and you can always have Ruby and her friends come to a cafe of some kind).