Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Celebration at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

One of many photos I have to work on from this afternoon. The husband had a bunch of work to do, so he opted out of attending with me. Instead I wandered downtown (and up the hill) by myself to attend the festivities.

I left around 230pm and got there around 3 o'clock. By the time I was seated, I was sent up to the 4th floor with the rest of the folks making their way in. Actually being there was nice. I know I could have stayed back at the apartment and watched it on tv, but the balcony, despite being far away, gave a good vantage to the set up and how the show was hosted and filmed.

Up on the 4th floor it was hot though and the seats were.. close. Maybe too close. It got to be a little warm up there for me. Also, after getting poked a few times with a lady scavenging in her purse one too many times and dealing with the odd issue of my hearing, I apologized and headed out. It seemed the best place to be was outside with the multitudes that didn't get in (or were in this never-ending queue to get in).

Being out on the Plaza was wonderful. The air was good, the sky blue.. Families, couples, singles and all sorts of people were everywhere. Children laughed and skipped through the fountains despite the security trying to discourage them. People out on dates took pictures of each other. Little boys stomped and splashed. Little girls danced with their moms.. Grandmas or Aunts giggled and pointed at the large screen set up to broadcast the KCET program when they saw their nephews or grandsons. So much scampering, clapping, singing, talking.. and the air was nice. It was good to be outside with it all.

I headed back down Grand Ave around 530 after the "Kultura Phillippine Folk Arts" performed and got back just in time for "Klezmer Juice" at 6pm. I know it's not the same as being there, but I got to sample a lot of good times and positive energy.

So now I'm going to finish working on those photos.. I just wanted to write some of it down before I started to forget. It was all good. I hope some other folks I know were able to go at one point or another.. It was well worth it and hope you had at least as much fun as I did, whatever you chose to do for the holiday.

Best Wishes,


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