Monday, December 31, 2007

Purchasing My Downtown Wheels

We headed to the bike shop on Main Street, El Maestro. They have racks of new and used bikes. Many of them are barely used bikes. The new bikes are shiny and priced fairly. The staff was super friendly and helpful with all kinds of information. I had narrowed my search down to two used bikes and had come back the next day to try them on.

Trying it on:
The frame needs to fit the body of the person riding it. One should be able to put your foot down when stopping and not have to jump down off the bike or stand on your toes. You should also have at least one inch of clearance when standing with legs on either side of the bike.

Neither of the two bikes I looked at had the clearance I needed. I started looking at other bikes and found one that was new in the right size. The one I ended up purchasing was a fair price and very good quality. They give a 30day warranty on bikes with exceptions. They offered their service for other things as well, including repairs, tune-ups, and various other bike related needs.

Other stuff:
Besides the bike, they had several high quality bike locks to choose from as well helmets, mirrors, light sets and other various bicycling accesories. I was so happy with the service I received, I was sure to come back the next day. This time I returned and purchased a helmet from their store and a cable lock (to accompany the U lock I purchased).

I am so happy with the service and bike that I purchased on Main Street, I am wishing everyone looking for a bike check it out. There's bike adventures to be had downtown, so rather than wax poetic, I'm getting to it!

more later I'm sure!

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