Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Walk

So the husband is out & about in Chicago,doing his thing this week. Me I need to find something to do and keep busy, not just sit inside on such a beautiful day. I had a secret wish I'd wander around and find someplace comfortable to have coffee or lunch, treat myself.


While I didn't find anywhere I wanted to stop on my own (I really need to get some kind of lunchtime friends or something.. when it's convenient. Unfortunately, there's just me). However, I did get some walking in, and while I'm not sure if I recall everywhere I walked, I didn't extend too far afield. I also took a couple dozen photos in what I could call faux B&W. Shannon from ShaInLA had shown me some tricks with my camera from the ShootDowntown photo meet back on the 12th, and so I thought I'd give it a go on my own taking photos in B&W.

I know the difference (or like to think I do) in the photo quality of real B&W and the kind you get from having actual print film. One of the things I liked to do when I lived in Germany or New Orleans was to, on occasion get a roll of B&W and shoot some stuff with it. While I'm no good at the stuff myself, and the film processing was a bit much, (expense-wise) the photos turned out better and lovlier than they may have in color.

So after my 3hr walk and a stop at Ralph's (having left empty-handed) I at least got some photo up on my flikr and am happy with some of the photos I shot. I'm not a professional. I just you know, like taking pictures. =) I guess next I'd like to figure out exactly how far my route took in distance (I double-backed a lot and covered some of the same blocks twice just to keep seeing what was there.


Maybe I'll have better luck at lunch or a coffeespot next time. =)


Ed Padgett said...

Having worked at the Los Angeles Times for over thirty-five years, it’s very refreshing to see the transformation of the downtown district. I have to hand it to the downtown bloggers for getting the word out, that downtown Los Angeles is becoming a place you can visit day or night.

With the population increasing rapidly throughout Los Angeles County, the traffic conditions reflect the heavy load, as workers such like myself attempt to navigate the freeway system to Los Angeles in a timely manner.

meekorouse said...

Thank you for your comment Edward. I agree that things are changing quickly. I've only been here a year and so much is on the move. I was thinking that expansion of the transit system would be much more in order rather than the highway system that is now in place.

SoCal will always need highways, but with the rapid growth of downtown, I think you'll see a lot more commuters taking the 'downtown living' route: bikes and lightrail. Until then, there is a lot to do and see between trips.

It's well worth encouraging commuters stay late and enjoy what downtown LA has to offer. Also, while you always should practice smart caution wherever you are, whether at the mall in the suburbs or in a new place, It's important to note, that they are keeping the area a lot brighter and safer IMHO.

Grateful thanks for your response!