Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Tuesday Night Bike Ride..

aka: "Mo Better Meaty Meat Ride"

Having never experienced the original "Mo' Better Meaty Meat" burger of the 90s onward, the experience of having two firsts, (my first downtown night bike ride & my first "meaty meat" burger) was irresistible. Grateful to be invited, (thanks Will!) the calendar was marked and eagerly anticipated.

Tuesday came, the bike was ready, the helmet, and the light set was purchased and mounted on the bike. Ready to go, heading out on the bike and with very few glitches along the way, we headed to the library where the meet at 7pm was to take place. I say, we because one of the people who was also going on the ride was none other than BlogDowntown's Eric Richardson, who was on his 'fixie' and sporting some fun new bike lights.

I was grateful for the company, as I hadn't experienced the traffic in LA at night like this before and getting to a library I had yet to go to was a challenging prospect. We made it through alright with little incident, and once at the LaFayette Park the rest of the group gathered. There were six of us including blogger Will Campbell.

Even taking the 4th street bike lane had its dangers and we managed to get through them, including a near miss accident (which bent one of our riders rear wheel rims) and the hills and red lights that cost me personally on some time keeping up with the rest of the group. Otherwise it was a pretty easy course, which ended at mid-point with the amazing "Mo Better Meaty Meat Burger" which is now called simply, "Beef Burger Combo" but made by the same original loving hands hot off the grill at the Indulge Cafe.

Indulge Cafe is located near Pico and Redondo. The owners and operators of the place are incredibly friendly and generous. The food was delicious and the brownies.. Amazing! It was well worth the ride out there and I enjoyed burning the calories (or some of them) on the ride back downtown. The entire experience took about 3 or so hours from the ride out from the library at 7pm to returning back downtown by 10pm.

While not so sure about the riding in traffic at night comfort, the comfort of the MO Better Meaty Meat Burger at Indulge (not to mention those amazing brownies) will be a comfort to me in the future I'm sure.

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