Saturday, January 19, 2008

someone tagged my angel

on walking back down Broadway
this angel that I see,
while walking home
when everything is dark.
someone tagged it.
sure it had other tags on it;


maybe I didn't notice as much.
but it made me sad
as if by being here,
you were marked.
Alone with no one to protect you.


The world can be so beautiful,
but you can still be alone.


City Center POZ said...

This is great, Meeko. You've not only reflected on the vulnerability of an unprotected angel, but you have also given us a poem.

Now you have some homework from Mr. Cornish. Go back and give us a third image located between the second and last stanza.

I'll be waiting......


meekorouse said...

hmmm I thought Mr Cornish was retired?? *grin*

I'd have to recrop something.. or maybe just move a stanza?? (it's really not a very good poem.. just random thought that passed through my head walking home one night).

For you, I'll see what I can do. It's been such a very long time for poetry from me. good, bad or otherwise.

City Center POZ said...

I dusted him off because I love your blog and I wanted to collaborate with you.

meekorouse said...

you do??

awwww you are trying to get me to purr with happiness aren't you? LOL

I like your photo you used on yours better.. I cropped mine but didn't make it darker..

I love the dark look. I loved that piece you did with the windows.