Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Dry Cleaner???!!

Off again and now on again.. between the hammering and the drilling and general construction sound, you'd think they were putting something amazing in the corner retail unit of my building. Hoping against hope it would be an L&L Hawaiian bbq, I found out that that is just not the case. The dry cleaner we'd heard rumor to be going into the corner unit is going to happen. Contractors are working on installing a air conditioning system and other essentials to make the dry cleaner drop off/ pick up location possible. I guess even the drop off/pick up variety need to go through zoning and licensing just the same as your corner bistro or upscale eatery.

Between this one and the location at Ralph's Fresh Fare, there must be a lot of dry cleaning business to be had in South Park. I guess I'll just keeping hoping for the L&L to come eventually. Otherwise, I might have to learn to make some katsu myself. No one wants Meeko cooking for them in the kitchen.

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