Tuesday, January 08, 2008

South Park Construction Walkabout

The weather brightened up earlier than I expected yesterday, so I enjoyed a nice walk around South Park with all the beeping and humming of traffic & construction. Some of the updates I've noticed:

1. A big trench over in "BottleRock" the new wine bar at Met Lofts (which seems to be taking forever to get done) They have dug large trenches toward the back through the concrete and a slew of PVC piping materials seems to accompany an area which makes me think "plumbing!" perhaps. I have an acquaintance who lives there and asked about it and she hasn't heard anything much either but did note as well, it seemed to be taking a long time. Hopefully more on that later.

2. Work on the pick/up drop off dry cleaner in Packard Lofts continues. Last I heard they were working on the air circulation there. Not sure what sort of chemicals are involved (if any) in having pick up/ drop off service, but I'm sure whatever it is, helps to have fresh air.

3. LA LIVE! Is just as busy as ever. Multiple cherry pickers (or whatever you call those giant cherry picker things that carry stuff up) and Cranes are everywhere. I wished I had a good zoom as I missed a prime shot of a welder lighting up.. Ah more practice, I'll get something like it one day (grin).

Cold Stone Creamery 'coming soon'

4. Over at Market Lofts, "Pastagina" is still a work in progress. Also the windows are papered up at the "Robek's Juice" and "Cold Stone Creamery" which the latter is finally sporting a "NOW AUDITIONING" sign for it's mix-in creators. It looked like some gentlemen were installing the lighting fixtures possibly. (I really need to work on not being shy of taking pix of construction sites and big men in construction gear).

South Park Walk-abouts:
I figure I may start going about a couple times a month. The walking is good for me and if the weather permits, why not? I can't walk too far for too long, but I'm getting better. My back has been giving me issue (TMI) but the cycling has been helping considerably. Having nice weather helps get me out.

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