Wednesday, January 02, 2008

another day, another new year

I was running errands for myself in the South Park area. I had to pick up a couple things including a giftcard for our cat sitter, (we drink a lot of coffee so having an extra one is kind of evil to have around for long) and some notebooks for myself.

I love having little notebooks but I'm kind of a uni-tasker when having to use a notebook for something I didn't intend. These little habits are either annoying, or make me more focused. Who knows which? =)

One of the images I took this morning was of my favorite funky building near the Starbucks on Grand. It has so much character, I would hate to see it lose that. With all the conversions or 'gentrifying' of what little is left of the old buildings you hate to see things like this go. I'm only hoping that if all the lots and lofts left in the area are converted they at least leave something of the old. The careworn, the beautiful in simplicity. They should leave the sign too.


With all the business going on in South Park one wonders who they are building all this stuff for. Obviously the LA LIVE! construction is for everyone, but especially the followers of the "if you build it they will come" philosophy. Having things to do, as well more places for people to do them in, is a good thing. Bringing revenue to a city as well providing bread & circuses for the masses. I personally am looking forward to the new large screen movie theater I heard was coming, as well the ESPN broadcast center. Issues like traffic congestion will hopefully work itself out after all these large construction projects like SOUTH and the Astani building are complete. Until then it's cranes everywhere and plenty of covered walkways to manage to get the pedestrian (if a little inconvenienced) to where they need to go.

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