Friday, January 04, 2008


Today is the one year anniversary of the murder of HELEN HILL, resident of New Orleans, wife, mother, artist, film-maker and activist.

While never having personally met Helen, I know that she and her family were willing to do right by New Orleans, and was (quite possibly) murdered by the same sort of folks she & her husband were trying to help. However, it's thought these were people who were in desperate times searching (mistakenly) for money or drugs her doctor husband did not have, nor keep in their home. Helen was murdered, her husband escaped (barely) with his life, and their daughter almost became an orphan overnight. There's much more to Helen and her life than that, however.

If you have access to WYES tv in New Orleans, or a PBS affiliate that carries the special on Helen Hill tonight, be sure and tune in.

Helen Hill Memorial Website

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