Friday, August 01, 2008

Where you go, friend Joe?

heading out of town...

no more afternoon coffee & tea..
Joe in blue
"not for me... not here for now.. I'm heading up the road."

I got my boxes packed!
and loaded on the truck!

what about Ruby?
"are we ready yet??"

the earth shook to see Joe leave..
but first the earth shakes... a 5.8 in complaint

but still the packing goes on, with help from some friends...
"All done!" says Henry.

Come on Ruby!
"Say goodbye to the nice ladies in the office.."

Maybe Ruby is having second thoughts?
Nope! All comfy now, maybe she's ready to hit the open road!

with a few tries backing up, Joe finally smiles and says.. "Let's try it another way."

So straight out the other end of the gate they go.
Right onto Winston.. one last drive by Crewest.

Right onto Main...

and except for obeying traffic signals..
No stoppping til we get to our destination..

Looking forward to hearing more adventures in the little city from Big City and Ruby.

*for Joe of course.. when's that internet get turned on today???


skidrowdude said...

what a great (but sad) photo essay, Pamela- sorry you lost your friend...

meekorouse said...

awww I didn't lose him! He's just moved to Eureka. ;P

Big City Poz said...

This is a great photo essay, Pamela. I was so stressed on moving day that I didn't even realize that you were taking pictures!

I think the worst part was when everyone was shouting out different instructions all at once about how to back out of that alley. I was on the verge of getting out of that truck and beating up everyone!

.....but here's a scoop ("first look!!") just for you. I had made it onto the freeway, moved over 4 lanes in heavy traffic and then received a radioed message from Don, who was following me.

Your back door is unlocked and now halfway up, he shouted. Oh, no! I exited on Hill St., closed and locked the door, and then re-entered the freeway and did the dance all over again.

Still, I made it to target Coalinga that night and reveled in the luxury of Motel 6.