Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to the Bike Meander!

I haven't gotten out near as much as I used to, and these past few Sundays had me traveling, battling a cold, or in many cases, just plain exhausted.

Despite having gone to some good friends' birthday bbq Saturday and up pretty late, I did manage to wake up in a timely manner Sunday morning and join the LA Bike Meander.. I have even learned to post pictures from my cel phone..

riding at the cornfields.. (that are not cornfields).

I have a bunch of photos to upload & edit.. so I'll get to that at some point. Suffice to say it was a good time.. we had a good group of 6 this time, and even a gentleman from Santa Monica came out for the ride! We rode around the Arts District quite a bit and then over to the cornfields and then back to the Toy Lofts (then I rode a little bit more).

I am so incredibly sore from our little ride! I think I'll take a day off from biking and return to it mid-week because the soreness tells me that I really need to get back to cycling again. That and more walking.. I've gained at least 5lbs sitting around waiting for things to happen & things to do.

Now if the Olympics and life in general doesn't distract me too much, I'll have more to see here in another day or so.. Happy Monday! (LOL)

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