Monday, August 18, 2008

Tall Ships (Festival of Sail)

Festival of Sail LA & more**

One of the fests I've enjoyed (and continue to) is the Festival of Sail which occurs along the Washington/ California coast. While I get the impression the festival is getting smaller: less ships to see this time around, and fewer booths, the ships are still worth heading out to San Pedro (or in the case of the 20th, San Diego).
HMS Surprise

The Tall Ships rotate each year between Pacific, Atlantic, and Great Lakes. They begin their Pacific tour usually out of Tacoma, onward eventually to San Francisco, Oxnard/Channel Islands, San Pedro, then San Diego. So you have many opportunities in the month of August to see & tour these beautiful ships. As for this year, your last chance is in San Diego. You didn't have anything planned next weekend did you? ;)

rest of my flickr set:
2008 Festival of Sail
USCG Barque Eagle

Robert Vargas sketches outside Stella Dottir's shop

I only have a few photos I took last week and they aren't nearly as good as others have taken, but here you go, four days after the fact:
August 08 Downtown Art Walk
As you can see, I didn't get around to very many galleries, and honestly didn't take many pictures.

SeanYoda Rouse IMHO, has a more complete and inclusive tour of art walk on his flickr however. He got to a LOT more places than I did, although he admits he didn't get to nearly everything. Still, I think his has a better representation of what art walk was like last week. Be sure & check it out:
SeanYoda's August Downtown Art Walk Set
Set includes still as well as video capture.

P.S. for Joe: Between Art Walk and the Festival of Sail, I was much more worn out walking than I anticipated and missed the Bike Meander Sunday. Instead I opted for running errands (which also it turns out wore me down) and watching some DVR'd Olympics. I didn't get back in time for the Nisei Week parade and frankly was too tired by the time I got back at around 8pm to worry about it much. I'm almost glad the weekend is over. =P Too much fun is exhausting!

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Big City Poz said...

Running errands always wear me out too. I think the worry about the expense on top of the physical activity is what pushes me over the line.

I'm glad you skipped the bike ride. That would have really done you in!

What you ned to do now is to sleep in and take some nice, long naps with the two cats. I had a mid-day nap today and it did wonders for me.