Friday, August 08, 2008

a most auspicious day! 8-8-08

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my buddy Joe Cornish! (Eureka Poz) and happy birthday to me (yes I'm the freak that's 40) and happy birthday to my sister in law who, it turns out is also celebrating today! Eights are supposedly very lucky numbers (among others) in some cultures.. today is a "triple eight" day so it might be very good indeed, not just for those celebrating their birthday though!

(See? it's not all about me..)

I've heard that Weiland Brewery is having a birthday of sorts this evening..(if you believe the downtown news) so we'll see. I was hoping for green corn tamales & Batman today but a red velvet cupcake from Lot 44 and a beer later on from Weiland will work too. ;P

We'll see what happens!

For the rest of you looking for something to do tonight how about heading over to 3rd & Traction to check out "At Traction" which opened up last night in the arts district.

It's put on by Cornerstone Theatre and is a very well done play and stars some of your Arts District Neighbors and friends, as well some very talented theatre interns from all over. "At Traction" is a story about the Arts District and is full of humor and history of the area. I enjoyed it very much opening night.. Tickets are a suggested donation of $20.

Digital Visions (Dale Youngman)
Also tonight is the opening reception for Dale Youngman's "Digital Visions" at the Continental Gallery. This is her first show at the Continental I am thinking, and will be running only for the next couple weeks. The show features work by David A Knudsen and guest artists Rex Bruce & Franklin Londin. I went by there last night and it's looking to be a really cool & big opening. Lots of stuff to see!


Big City Poz said...

You dirty dog! You're going to eat our birthday cake without me???

Well, you deserve it. You're a good friend and I miss you dearly.

Happy birthday, Pamela.


skidrowdude said...


Remember, you're not getting older, you're getting BETTER!

Have a great day and a fun-filled evening.


meekorouse said...

oh Joe! they were out of the red velvet cupcake!! I was convinced to try the carrot cake though, and it was pretty dang good! So now I have an alternate in case they are out again,(I only missed the red velvet by 20min!!) and they were super nice and let me try another cupcake on them since they were out... So I got the "neopolitan cupcake" omg..


I hope you treat yourself to something super nice today!! YOU deserve it! *hugs*

Pamela =)

ps: and big thanks again to Eric for the bday wishes and the fried rice! spicy good! =)