Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lime Cafe Ribbon Cutting

is WEDNESDAY at 6pm!
118 West 5th Street
11am-Midnight M-F/
Saturdays from 6-Midnight
according to the email sent by VEDC's Audrey Madrigal, there will be an official ribbon cutting at Lime Cafe Wednesday the 30th attended by CD9's Jan Perry.

Yes, those of us following Lime will note that it's been open before and for some time now, but these official things take time I guess to get it all aligned. So if you enjoy Lime or are just plain curious and have the time to go by & support your local business owners.

I recently visited Lime Cafe last week for lunch and thought it very good. I will be eating here again in the future, as they have made some real positive improvements on the menu and the way the food is served, (that's to your table and HOT). I also like that they have added a tap to their bar with a cider option. That was good stuff. =)

*please click on my 'lime cafe' tag to read my previous review of Lime Cafe. =)


alexis said...

i just ate there today!! the owner was really nice. I forgot to get his name.

i had the carne asada burrito and it was very good.

im definitely gonna go back soon!

PS. this is my first time posting on your blog even though i visit it everyday :)

meekorouse said...

alexis I'm glad you had a good lunch!

and thanks for coming by and checking out my blog.. you come every day? gee, I should apologize for not having anything worth seeing/ reading every day. If I do 2 or 3 posts a week that's about max usually. I haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet.. little bit of this and that I guess. There's so many other sites out there covering it ALL you know? =)

I'll keep working on it though! thanks again!

skidrowdude said...

Pamela- are you going to post any on garlic festival up north? That sounded SO good... come on, just a little tease of where it was and what you ate, etc... please?

meekorouse said...

Eric I have many photos of the Garlic fest up on flickr as does SeanYoda, but I haven't figured out when & if I was going to do a post about it. Timing would have been good on Monday but things got away from me, as did the rest of the days so far.

Will you be at the Grand Opening? I'm sure this is a ribbon cutting you can support (grin) as it is 20min away we'll see if I see you there!

skidrowdude said...

No ribbon cutting for me- seeing Jan Perry would just get my blood pressure up.

Who cares about timing? Maybe just add link(s) as comments to your post about being out of town?