Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday morning brunch

I plan to start my weekend off with breakfast at Weeneez. Julie Rico may not be doing brunch on Sundays but she still has some breakfast items available (along with her famous regular menu) available Saturdays.

She opens at 11am.. I'm hungry already!

edit: Eggs Benedict I had for brunch:
Brunch @ Weeneez
served w/ hash browns, and english muffin (and I ordered diet coke) OMG! It was amazingly good!

ps: Since I am keeping track of my expenses, I thought I might start a new regular thing called "how I'm spending my money" or something like that. It might be food reviews, or film reviews, jazz clubs or whatever.. I haven't worked it out. but figure it'll be an easy way to keep up on things, and get an added post from it. Yes, it's a bit of fluff. Then again, so is this blog. ;) (just hopefully not too fluffy!)


skidrowdude said...

Ah, that pic brings me some remorse- I LOVE the eggs benny at Weeneez, but she changed the potatos! I almost went there today on way home from gym (probably would have seen you at 11:15 or so) but ended up at Redwood to try their brunch again. It's so nice to have CHOICES for breakfast for once1

I'm looking forward to more of your reviews, or "how you spend your money"- more opinions on places is always welcomed by me.

Hope to run into you and Sean out-and-about.


meekorouse said...

hey! =)

Redwood has brunch?? What's that all about (did you write about it already? and if so I want to read it.) I'd like to try Redwood myself.. I like their cheeseburger ok (although don't think it's worth the price point).

As for breakfast options.. you know that Monica May's place "The Nickel" is soft opening on the 28th?? I'll be checking that out! I wish I had invested in that.. I know it will do well too. (she's the one that own Banquette you know).

As for Weeneez, there was a good crowd I thought. Very steady business and a little takeout.. and everyone ordering the brunch menu.

skidrowdude said...

I'm glad Julie's Saturday is going over well- when I've been there I've noticed both the brunch and hot dog crowd- I just wish she had fries to go with the great burger she cooks.

Honestly, I don't know if Redwood will keep up with weekend days- Saturday days I've been only one there. Sundays is a little busier (traditional sports-bar bloody Mary types). I hope they make it but they need to MARKET it...

Big City Poz said...

How were the hash browns? They look crispy on the outside, but were they soft in the middle? Do tell!

meekorouse said...

the hashbrowns were good but not so crispy.. rather soft but the seasoning was good! I added some hot sauce to give it a little more kick though. =)

Big City Poz said...

Maybe the key is to ask for extra crispy. I usually stay away from eggs, but those eggs look really good.

meekorouse said...

I highly recommend the Eggs Benedict to everyone.. as for the $2.99 breakie special I think she may be offering that as an 'early bird' special in the near future. I don't mind coming in at 10am if she's going to be there. *grin*

Then again, I still haven't tried the french toast.. and omg.. the eggs Benedict are so yummy, I may have to order them again!

Joe you come back down and we can do breakfast one time OK? ;)

Los Angeles Go Card said...

This place looks amazing! Just looking at the pic made me hungry!