Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LAFD on Broadway..

Just when I'm complaining nothing exciting ever happens (besides a lucky shoe find at Payless just when I needed it) there was a horrible little incident at 6th & Broadway. While I didn't witness it myself, (I was in the shoe store after all) I heard the brakes of a car as it tried to stop at the intersection.. That didn't sound good at all, I said out loud to the store clerk.

As it was, there was a crowd gathered at the corner and the LAPD and a few seconds later, the LAFD was on the scene. I stayed and took some shots while the LAFD assessed the lady's vitals and the police took their statements.. then the paramedics gently walked the lady over to ambulance.. and took her away. This all in maybe a stretch of minutes.

Tease me if you will, but our LAFD and the LAPD are the good guys..
See entire flickr set HERE

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skidrowdude said...

So did the police site the driver? Could you tell what really happened?

Did following LAFD on Twitter finally pay off? :-)


meekorouse said...

hey! Actually I'm not sure what all happened. The actual accident took place while I was in the store and when I came out they arrived and had it all in hand. I didn't see anyone get arrested, and the lady who got hit was taken care of.

Really a small incident that is probably repeated dozens of times in various scenerios all over the city.

This one was just a matter of being in the "right place" to observe it. It had nothing to do with twitter or with following some sort of protocal. As it was I don't think it made the twitter 'blog' necessarily. They don't post everything that comes in on the dispatch just the really amazing stuff I guess.

Still it's handy to follow it because there's a lot of pertinent info that comes across on there.