Monday, February 23, 2009

Weeneez new sandwiches & new hours!

Remember Weeneez? Of course you do!

One would think I have forgotten about them since I haven't talked about them for a while. I admit I have a problem with mornings, I'm not so good at them. I'm good if I know I need to be somewhere, but without structure, I seem to slow down quite a bit.

Suffice to say this post is benefiting in a way by my not getting my act together in time for breakfast. ;P So instead, it's an early lunch today at Weeneez. It's been long enough that there were a few changes:

Weeneez is now open Monday through Saturday 9am to 4pm. Breakfast is served 9am to 11am and is limited to egg sandwiches. Full Breakfast is served Saturdays from 9am to Noon.

Julie is now featuring fresh made Italian Sub and Roast Beef sandwiches..

Sound good?? YES!

So good in fact that we ordered one of each.
roast beef close up
Roast Beef with Cheddar cheese and the mayo and horseradish mustard.

Italian Sandwich @ Weeneez
The Italian Sub.. lots of meat, a savory Italian flavor.

Speaking for myself, I had to take a "halftime" between the two halves as it was a very satisfying, filling sandwich. The sandwich served me well for both my breakfast and lunch.

Suffice to say I fell off the Weight Watcher wagon a few weeks ago, but this is easily a sandwich I would want to order yet again... I could have one half for lunch and save the other half for my dinner. It is quite filling.

Julie noted that she may be getting some fresh baked La Brea bread in the future. I found the sandwich fine regardless, but fresh La Brea Bakery bread would make an excellent sandwich even better I would think.

The total for 2 sandwiches and drinks came to about 17bucks, so still very affordable and very delicious.

Vegetarians need not worry.. there's a soy dog and a tofurky dog available on the hotdog menu.. and the breakfast has some non-meat offerings. With Ash Wednesday coming up it might be something to consider to stop by and I may try one of the soy dogs finally.


Eureka Poz said...

Those sandwiches do look good! You really have to give Julie credit for constantly trying new things.

La brea bakery bread quality really took a dive after they went mass-distributed. Julie should check out the batards baked at and sold at Mayfair market on Hyperion across from Trader Joe's. I'm a bread lover and I think it's the best bread in Los Angeles. She could probably get that bread at a better price and then she'd really have one kick ass sandwich!

meekorouse said...

Hey Joe!

She seems to be doing what she can to get through this economy.. The Must is a winner I understand (I've yet to go there but their version of the BLTA sounds yummy.. I need to dig that menu out & look at it again).

It seems breakfast during the week wasn't doing as great as it was early on.. so opening later and having a limited breakfast item seems to help with the overhead. Having only one shift a day probably helps too.. and The Must does dinner.. so I think it will work out.

The sandwich was good, but I will have to split it between meals next time. Unless you got a weight lifter appetite.. *grin* It's a little much for one meal.

I'll have to see if she ends up going with LaBrea. I like them fine.. We treat ourselves to a loaf now & again when we go to Costco and they have a recent (read: still hot) delivery steaming in its bag.