Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hail El Chavo!

Yesterday we were off Main St for an appointment at the Glendale Galleria Apple Store. SeanYoda's macbook hard drive had crashed last week and after visiting the Apple Store at the Grove it was implied that a possible hard drive replacement was needed. So after backing up his hard drive he made an appointment for Glendale (based on my previous positive experience) and off we went.

Rather than give you the review of the underwhelming experience (maybe later) that we had, I wanted to share the happiness I had at Target while we were waiting.. I'm a BIG Target fan and I've never seen these here despite many trips to various Targets..

(035) El Chavo @Target Glendale
It's El Chavo!!!

The endcap included easy 300piece puzzles, chunky chalk, dominoes and plush dolls.

I've not seen the El Chavo animated series but know that is who the blogger, El Chavo gets his name from..

Wondering.. is the cartoon El Chavo a vegetarian too?? ;)


EL CHAVO! said...

I started using the name quite some time ago, based on this character that was a tv mainstay for most of Latin America since the 70's and still can be seen in reruns. Even my Brazilian friend knows of "Chaves" as he was known there. But they just recently started up this animated series based on that tv show, but it's nowhere near as funny or interesting as the original, as you might imagine.

The og chavo wasn't veggie (at least not by choice), he was known for always craving a torta de jamon aka a ham sandwich. Since he was a poor orphan, he ate whatever he could get his hands on.

But I'm glad to know I'm at Target and not just the swapmeets; I'm moving on up! ;)

meekorouse said...

wow! that was fast! =)

and thank you I feel so honored to have you commenting.. I've heard of the El Chavo program but have yet to find it on the TV. I assumed the live version might one day be destined for DVD (if not already in other markets).

I understand it's difficult for the translation to convey properly the humor of the original show.

Seeing the merchandise (marketed in both English & Spanish) made me think that the animated show was making it's way on cable or something (Cartoon Network or PBS I dunno) Oh well. I'll have to wait.

meekorouse said...

oh and if I wasn't emphatic enough.. YAY!!! =) thanks you again!

EL CHAVO! said...

There's dvds at the public library btw, but they don't have any subtitles. As always, youtube has a bunch of them too.
That link starts off with some typical slapstick stuff, though the real humor is in all the spoken double meanings and miscommunication!

love and hate los angeles said...

wow... good eye to catch that.
I think i love TARGET even more than Walmart for this now :)

The cartoons of el chavo are just a lame attempt to squeeze out more money from this well known brand.

As a kid growing up in the 80's and KMEX channel 34 in LA here..mi mama y papa would not let me and my brother watch the El Chavo...she said it was a bad
theres also lots of info about the show on wikipedia in english..just do a search.