Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time for the Oscars!

It's Oscar time.. have you seen any of the films? So are you ready for your Oscar picks?

(052) AMC Oscar Marathon all day pass
Saturday we headed to one of the local AMC theatres that was hosting an all=day Oscar Movie Showcase. We probably got the best deal because we hadn't seen any of the five films nominated for Best Picture.

For $30 we got a refillable bag of popcorn and a lanyard which allowed us In and Out privileges so we could stretch our legs between films, (or in the case of the couple sitting next to us, leave to have a relaxing lunch while Benjamin Button was shown as they'd seen it before).

We ended up taking our dinner break before Slumdog Millionaire and were able to go back, settle in and enjoy the movie. My Favorite Films were MILK and Slumdog Millionaire. Benjamin Button was good but not as great as I was led to believe it would be.. Again any time someone over-hypes something for me I just end up getting disappointed. Still, it was nice seeing New Orleans if just from my movie seat.. and noting continuity errors in location. =)

Having seen all the Best Picture films... I'm pretty ready to settle in tonight with my low-fat bag o Kettle Corn and Cherry Coke Zero and watch the awards be given.

Do you have any plans for watching the Oscars broadcast?? Do you care or think it's just a waste of time (well it's definitely a time sink!) How do you (or don't) spend the night of the Oscars??

Have fun whether you watch at an Oscar Party or camped on the couch.. or whether you skip it altogether. I don't take these shows very seriously.. After all, it's just entertainment.

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