Thursday, February 05, 2009

KOGI BBQ Taco Truck!

Tonight I want to do a double review.. first Kogi BBQ came to Little Tokyo's Japanese American National Museum (JANM)..
Here they are parked at First & Central, and the line as it extended out in front of the Museum.

They showed about 5pm and stayed til around 9pm, hopefully doing a pretty brisk business. Parking in this area is a little difficult before 6pm, so you'll do some walking regardless of whether you walk from home or park and walk.

Tacos come in four flavors and sometimes there are daily specials, but not this evening. That's ok. We have our favorites..

SeanYoda ordered one of each for himself (he likes them all!).. and I had 2 spicy pork tacos and a tofu taco. Here's mine:

Spicy Pork Tacos & a Kogi Tofu Taco
The spicy pork tacos were rather zesty as opposed to spicy. Depending on your spice tolerance they may seem a little spicy or you may want to put some hot sauce on them. Be sure and try them without first though, because the taste is quite good alone. the meat is juicy and the sauce works really well. It's my favorite!

Kogi BBQ tofu taco
close-up of Kogi's tofu taco.. was rather sweet and you taste more of the flavor of the veggie fillings rather than the taco itself (in other words not a lot of flavor to tofu of course!)

We decided that we liked them all, but the tofu taco was perhaps the least of our favorites. SeanYoda likes the Korean beef shortrib taco best & as mentioned, spicy pork tacos are mine.

JANM entertainment to dine with..
Big Thanks to the kindness of the folks at the Japanese American National Museum for allowing some of us Kogi fans to dine out of the rain. Here we were serenaded with some upbeat DJing and a movie on a big screen. The Museum Store was still open so we were able to check out the great selection there and as I mentioned on flickr, there was a book I was wanting that I was sure to pick up on our way out. Yay!


Dinner total came to $14 (not including tip) and while your appetite might be different, at $2 a taco you can't beat that in these recession-filled days.

The Kogi folks are super nice and if you miss them on a particular night, no worries as they have a blog you can follow that gives updates about specials and planned locations.. They are on twitter as well, that fun mini blogging social networking site that allows you (either way) to inquire or give feedback to them. or "kogibbq" on =)

Many of the places they go are Venice, Sunset Junction, UCLA, Little Tokyo and downtown in front of the Golden Gopher (where they recently started going every Wednesday!)

You can see all my KOGI BBQ pix I've taken so far on flickr HERE

After dinner we were pretty full but thought to get a hot cup of coffee at Urth Cafe (and maybe split some pie?) since it was a cool and rainy evening.. I haven't been there since GroundBreaking January last year.. so first time for both SeanYoda & myself.. that's coming up next I guess.. stay tuned!


love and hate los angeles said...

right on that's great...another thing i love about LA. though i don't eat much meat..especially beef or pork..i would gladly sin to get a taste of those pork short rib tacos mmmm.

meekorouse said...

hi thanks!

the tofu tacos were good.. they were sweet and not too spicy at all. I'd recommend them if you don't do meat.