Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to the Nickel!


According to my "BriteKite" account, I haven't checked in at The Nickel in some 22 days.. That statement is meant to ward off the eventual comment that will come.. "The Nickel? AGAIN??!!!" Yes, again.. and I'm guessing you haven't been if you're asking why.

pastries & donuts (maple bacon was out by lunch)

today's featured desserts.. (no wonder I'm just gaining & gaining!)

Unfortunately, shortly after they started serving dinner there, (maybe a couple days after my last review) there was a personnel issue (the dinner cook quit for some unknown reason) and they are left short-staffed. So no dinner. However, lunch is still available. Yay! I made it over there for lunch today.

We got there near 1pm I want to say, still busy from lunch but the wait wasn't long. We got seated next to a very chatty couple who (unfortunately for us) talked loud enough to make eating lunch uncomfortable. The tables are so close together you can't help but make out bits of conversation. Unfortunately for SeanYoda he heard all of it (lucky for me they were sitting on my 'bad side' and I missed most of it except for when they got into some heated exchange about fast food and multi-vitamins. Too Much information people!)

Ok.. so now that you got the set up..

Bacon cheeseburger w/ fries @ The Nickel
SeanYoda's Bacon Cheeseburger with French fries.

this closeup is especially for Eureka City Poz :
French fries @ The Nickel
Yes, they were crispy!!

The Smac N Cheese:
Smac n cheese @ the nickel
Smac n cheese closeup @ the nickel
Smac N Cheese closeup.. under a a thin layer of toasty bread crumbs is piping hot cheesy macaroni goodness!

I finished mine all by myself and while my plate was getting cleared, Sean worked on that mountain of fries.. We discussed if we should get dessert to go. While we were eating a 2nd wave of lunch goers had come. Several groups came in to be seated as well. We knew we wanted dessert (but Sean had already had enough of the people sitting next to us and would have been ready to go if I had asked). We pondered and then finally the moment came..

Yes, we went ahead and ordered dessert! So which one which one??
The "S'mores" cake which I didn't order.. Kristin was saying they bring it to your table and light it up with a blowtorch right there.

We didn't order it though.

We got the Salt Peanut!!!


Total with tax was about $31.00 (not including tip).

Yes, next time I'll need to go farther afield and try one of their salads.. ;) Next time!


jim said...

the s'mores cake is awesome. and the table-side torching makes the whole restaurant happy.

meekorouse said...

Thanks Jim! I definitely thought about it so I'll have to give it a go next time. I really like the salt peanut cake so I had to have it again.

I think I get into a mini 'rut' if you will of having instant favorites and having a time edging away from it. Their salads always look so good and I've yet to try one.. Same goes for some of the desserts.

I was wondering how safe it is with a blowtorch (mini or no) in a crowded diner? ;)

Eureka Poz said...

Yes! A fries close-up....and them taters look good! But tell me, do I detect some sort of seasoning on the fries? Were they spicy?

The mac-n-cheese looks good but I'm wondering about the serving size. Did you feel it was adequate for the price? Was it filling.

I would have gone for the salt peanut cake too, but I'd love to see Kristen work a blow torch.

I still don't understand why there are no outdoor tables. Dumb it down for me, Pamela, and explain why they can't have them.

As usual, you have an outstanding restaurant review. Now when am I going to see those onion rings?

meekorouse said...

hey there.. I would need to defer to others judgment on the fries. I didn't notice any seasoning. I only ate one of them and it was just golden brown & delicious and crispy.

As for the Smac N Cheese, I would say it would be a 'normal' heaping portion for 2 people... I ate it all and was satisfied (not overfull or 'stuffed'..that came later after attempting to eat my half of the cake!)

I think it's a good size for the the price and really.. I think it's a lot. I think if I'd opted to order a side salad it would be too much & I'd skip dessert (travesty!).

There's another Mac N Cheese I like a bunch from Royal Clayton's.. there's a HUGE bowl which I did split and we each got 2nds from it was much too big as an entree. The Royal Claytons is a creamy mix of cheeses.. Whereas the Nickel one is as closed to Baked Mac N Cheese with it's piping hot melted cheese with rich and hearty texture. The bradcrumbs are just lightly baked ot the top and then there's a hint of tomato.

The Smac N Cheese is $8 if I recall and really a good deal. Then again I haven't found anything I haven't liked yet.. everything is yummy! Oh and breakfast.. *drool* I need to do breakfast because I *heart* the 5th and Main (potatoes w/bbq pulled pork and 2 eggs) and the pancakes are good too. I've yet to have the hangover helper but that's supposedly is the best too.

love and hate los angeles said...

All looks really good..and i second the "why no outdoor tables".
Love the pictures..its like "food porn" ...:) lol

Urban Memo said...

I haven't eaten there in a while. Every time I try to go, its always too crowded.