Saturday, February 28, 2009

Full on Breakfast @ Weeneez

If it looks like all I do is go around the corner and stuff my pie hole then you could be right. Except that's not the case. I haven't gone out to eat since I had those great sandwiches at Weeneez earlier this week on Monday. Before that I think there was a trip to Rubios while at the AMC 30 on Sunday the day before that.. and at some point.. maybe a trip to L&L. These last two are chains and you can go there pretty much anywhere.. you don't need me giving reviews of McDonalds do you?? (L&L is definitely not McDonalds.. you get the idea though, right?).

So yeah, breakfast.. full on breakfast is served at Weeneez on Saturday from 9-noon. As I'm typing this it's a couple hours later & I'm still stuffed. SeanYoda ordered the body builder special which is: 2 eggs, 2 sausages (or slices of bacon or ham), home fries, toast & 2 pancakes.
Breakfast @ weeneez
bodybuilder special @ weeneez
forgot the camera so you get this poor quality celphone shot.

As for me, Julie was saying they were making some really good pancakes from scratch (and I was all set to have the "earlybird special" which is similar to the bodybuilder minus the pancakes).. Twist my arm!! (heh heh) I ordered the pancakes and a side of bacon.

Pancakes @ weeneez
omg these pancakes were huge! (the bodybuilder pancakes were normal sized) With two of the slices of bacon (I 'shared' one of my slices with Sean) I was stuffed. Actually I ended up having Sean eat like a 1/6th of my pancake. It was too good to not eat, but I was so full from what I already had.

I'm glad I ordered the pancakes, but they are indeed filling. Total for breakfast with 2 sodas not including tip was around 17 bucks.


Skidrow said...

Hi Pamela!

Looks yummy! I almost went to Weeneez this a.m. but got sidetracked at Ma Petit... 2 eggs bennys for under $15 was pretty good, but slow (no one was in the place either).

What's L&L? I'm wracking my brain and can't decypher that...


meekorouse said...

oh! you should go next Saturday then!

what's that 2 orders of Eggs Benedict for around $15 bucks? that does sound like a good deal if that's the case.

L&L is L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Really good deal and good sized servings. It's a chain based out of Hawaii but all over California and other WestCoast states..

It's my favorite chain food (along with In N Out)

Skidrow said...

Thanks! Never heard of the Hwawaiin BBQ joint- I think I'll stick w/ Islands for chain food.

And yes, 2 benadicts for under $14 w/ tax (I tipped at register, but probably should not have as it was SO SLOW). I think Ma Petit will be out of business in a month tops. See my blog later as I've been there 3 times in past week and always drama/issues, not to mention no customers.

meekorouse said...

ohhh I love Islands they have great hamburgers. I can't go there too often.. too fattening..

L&L isn't a burger joint. Their BBQ mix plate is super yummy.. you should give them a try when you are carb loading.. I like going to the Hawthorne location.. the mac salad is pretty good.

Regarding Ma Petite I think I heard someone (angelenic maybe I'm not sure) that they aren't what they used to be.. I haven't been since before New Year's I think.

I hope they do something to help it pick up because it's important to have a good mix of options downtown.

Then again, I keep hoping for a L&L franchise or maybe a ZanKou Chicken ( to come downtown too.. we have room for everyone I think.

I think with the economy though I think places that change to suit the market (like Julie) or places that provide standards (something like IHOP or Phillip's or whatever) are going to flourish in this market because people can't go out as often as they'd like maybe.. so it's important to spend your money on stuff you know you're going to get what you order.. or if it's expensive it's got to be worth the trip.

**disclaimer: in no way am I suggesting people eat at IHOP or Phillip's.. just they've been here 'forever'

Skidrow said...

Well, Julie "changing with the Economy"- unfortunately that just means not being open at night, right? (Same w/ Ma Petite- no nightime hours as of last weekend).

As for Islands- their tacos are pretty healthy- compared with that Kahlua pork- very fatty looking.

Heck, you can eat healthy at Arby's or Wendy's, but thanks to Jan Perry we will not be seeing them around- I wonder how these other franchises you mention fit into her "plan"... I guess they are not really fast food...

meekorouse said...

With Weeneez I was thinking more about trying different menu items.. and yes, to a lesser extent, changing hours to make it a more profitable business in hard times.

If you are a business owner and find that your biz falls off dramatically after say 4 or 5pm you are losing money in overhead for every hour that you don't have the correct number of customers.

When I worked at B&N (and really most businesses work like this) you need to be making X amount of money to not only cover your overhead.. electricity, stock & pay wages for your employees & any benefits that you give.. and if you aren't making that then you need to make cuts, whether it's letting someone go an hour early, closing early, or worse case scenerio.. cutting staff or shifts altogether.

As ideal as it would be to have extended hours downtown, not all businesses can do that all the time. It's best to review your books and see when your peak business is and if it's not the dinner crowd, then maybe shorting hours is the way to go.

OtOH places like Cole's seems to be doing really well in the evening despite (IMHO) having sub-par sandwiches.. (I love the bacon potato salad though). I think with Cole's though it's more the bar crowd anyway.

meekorouse said...

bleh just rambling on that last one!

oh and Wendy's & Arby's is just gross, but that's IMHO. ;) (i used to be a Wendy's fan but not in a LONG time).