Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like..

The Mullin Building (6th & Fig)

Roosevelt Lofts


Paradise Florist @ 7th & Fig


Big City Poz said...

I like that second photo where the tree sticks up through the light circle. Was the last photo taken at 7th and Fig?

meekorouse said...

that one you mention was taken at the Roosevelt Lofts. They were just getting the tree up and testing the lights and all. The one at the Florist (the bottom one) is the one I took at 7th & Fig. =)

There's going to be a Christmas walkabout with Rich (angelenic) this week I'm thinking to go on so I can see all the decorations before I head to Florida. I think the lights are pretty even if you don't celebrate the holidays.. at least I hope people think they are.