Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ma Petite Bakery

I went by Ma Petite Bakery the other day on my way back from picking up my new eyeglasses (LA Vision Optometry, btw). This is the second time I came by the bakery since they opened Art Walk day last Thursday. Just as that evening there were almost out of everything, they were down to a very limited amount of pastries.

I can't say I blame them for running low. All the items I've tried from the cheese rolls to the plain croissants and now the blueberry cheese pastries are very tasty. Everything is fairly affordable too. The blueberry cheese croissants were 1.49 each. I got two and brought them home. After brewing up a fresh pot of Peet's holiday blend, we had dessert first,(life is short after all!).

We didn't ruin our dinner, as the croissant is light and flaky. The fruit is fresh and the cream cheese filling has a mild sweet flavor. Of course the coffee and pastries went well together and it was nice having a small treat that didn't break the bank.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you. You'll just have to go check them out yourself. The Bakery, which is located on Spring Street next to Lot 44, opens at 730am til 9pm weekdays and from 730am til 11am on Saturdays & Sundays (reopens later for dinner and closes at 9pm).

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