Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New City Church LA to move to New LATC

Just posted to Kevin Haah's blog CALLED the New City Church of LA will be re-locating once again, this time to the New LATC on Spring Street.

The "come as you are" church which welcomes everyone in the community will be relocating the 7th of December. Currently the church is holding worship services at Club 740 in the Globe Theater on Sunday mornings.

From Called:
"From December 7, 2008, New City Church of LA will be meeting at Los Angeles Theatre Center (which is called The New LATC) for our Sunday worship gathering. It's only about 2 blocks away from Club 740 and it is a fantastic facility. It's been my dream venue. It is the only multi-plex playhouse in downtown. There are four performance theaters in there. They have a great room for kids ministry there as well. And, it is clean! The facility is operated by Latino Theater Company and owned by City of Los Angeles."

I am wishing Kevin and his congregation the very best. They have really reached out to the community and grown to answer the needs of downtown LA. The New LATC is a fabulous place and I think will be a very warm & welcoming place for folks in the community.

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Big City Poz said...

I wrote to Kevin Hahn a few months ago and asked him about his church's stand on gay marriage. Would he be willing to perform same-sex marriages at his church, I asked him.

He replied that his church welcomes gays and lesbians and he personally feels that the whole debate over same-sex should not be happening. Because it's all so ridiculous, he wrote, he's just staying completely out of it and is not performing same-sex weddings.

His answer was as clear as a muddy river.