Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy (Recession) Holidays!

What? you say it's too early for the holidays?? I agree, but some local retail stores are jumping on the bandwagon, while we still have a couple nickels to scrape together. Despite the good news that the election brings, the economy isn't the best and it's going to take some time to save the money we need for the perfect gift.

Christmas @ Goodwill on Broadway
Seen this afternoon on Broadway,the tree & many other Christmas decorations.

Tacky as it might be to some, re-gifting in the form of Goodwill can save a lot. Perhaps you don't want to buy a gift for someone else from Goodwill. However, it looks like the Goodwill on Broadway could have you literally trimming the tree. If you don't have a tree to trim, then you might be bringing the tree home as well!

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cow said...

Goodwill is bomb... and has clothed my ass for a long time... alena/dt/downtowntrash/coweyes