Thursday, December 04, 2008

bits & pieces

some small items that have been happening around my corner of Old Bank District...

Concrete pouring
The Medallion Project, while slow to start has been progressing along and they were pouring the first part of the 2nd level (or so it seemed). I don't have such a great vantage as I did from the Continental, but I'm still keeping an eye on their progress!

Yesterday, while coming back from what seems a dozen visits to the eye doctor (this time to pick up my new contact lens prescription!) I noticed a sign painter working on the outside of the T-Mobile Store..
Hand-painted cellular holidays!
Nothing beats original art to say "Happy Holidays!"

Lastly I'm a week behind on this, but Coldspring Fine Art has their new Philipp Jordan installation "1000 Teddies" on display along with Ben Dewell's "Yosemite Winter" as of 28 November. One can almost not blame the timing since it was around Thanksgiving weekend with the reception taking place on the 29th of November. Just the same, I'm sure you'll want to go check the exhibit out..
1000 Teddy Bears
Who can deny the cuteness of the Teddies??? (ok, not many..)


skidrowdude said...

Hey Pamela- cool stuff! I know how you feel- I have tons of bits-and-piecss I want to post but have been too burned out lately.

Are you and Sean going to OBD block party tomorrow? I got a cool toy for the Mission (Fisher-Price Love-To-Play Puppy) and if nothing else, I'm going to drop that off and maybe have a beer. If you think you'll be there I'll give you a call on your cell when I get there.


skidrowdude said...

oops, I meant block party Sat....

meekorouse said...

hey there! yes plan to be around there of course! =)

my last chance to post something before I head to Florida.. Meeko is heading off Main Street for a bit after Saturday.. =)

Big City Poz said...

Have a good time at the party!

Is there much dust or noise from the Medallion Project? Coldspring makes me think of that ice cream place.

meekorouse said...

mmmm ice cream!!! (I knew there's a reason I keep gaining weight.. too much ice cream!)

Seriously though.. haven't noticed any dust.. and no more noise than the usual buses & patrol vehicles on Main St. & the occasional beep beep of a truck backing up in the construction site.

We got some serious fog a couple days back, which I enjoyed immensely! The windows in our unit have a tinting on them so the photo looks a bit off so maybe that's what makes it look grey or dusty??

Tomorrow night should be fun! It's going to be a late late night.. I may not go to sleep since I have to get up around 4am Sunday morning.

hugs to you Joe.. and hey.. when's the Eureka parade???

Big City Poz said...

I haven't found out yet when the trucker parade is, but I subscribe to the local daily so it'll let me know. Also, I just found out that Fortuna, a town to the south, has a decorated tractor parade! What an embarrassment of riches.

I have a big night too---the walk followed by the party at Auntie Mo's! I still haven't selected my outfit.

Have to good time tonight. Say hi to Sean for me--and to Eric if you see him there.

meekorouse said...

Eric (skidrowdude) was supposed to call me when he got there but never heard from him..

I hung out near the BlogDowntown table for some time & other times walked around taking (what turns out to be) rather fuzzy pix.. bummer! I did get a couple cute ones.. oh well.

Late evening dinner was the #20 @ Blossom.. all the 4th & Main dining establishments were BUSY.. (but Blossom was no exception).

I hope you had a good time yourself! =) What sort of outfit were you planning? Did you get photos?? ;)