Monday, September 08, 2008

Yes there was a Bike Meander!

Yes, there was a bike meander Sunday. I was almost late getting there, too!
LAFD just off 4th Street.

I didn't take many pix though.. but I did run into the LAFD out training a couple times, and just as I was riding up 2nd Street toward Main, there was a little bit of LAPD action happening.. but I didn't stick around to see what it was. I only took a handful of photos and here's a few of the ones I liked best:



more LAFD training while meandering...

lines and angles


and last but not least:
little bit of LAPD action on my way back to Old Bank District ;) My best guess was that they were responding to an alarm or something.. (although I didn't hear one) they were just checking out the location when I pedaled on by). I'm nosy but not that nosy you know?

I don't get to the meander regular but it's Sundays, 10am in front of the Toy Lofts (on Industrial), and they usually head out by 1015am.. This time there was 2 of us.. but usually there's about 5 or 6. I don't know what was keeping folks at home, the weather or what? It was nice.. and not too hot either! I wish every day was Sunday sometimes. ;) More meandering, as long as I can get myself awake in time.

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