Thursday, September 04, 2008

September Skid Row Watch Walk

I haven't posted this week, it's been pretty slow. I *did* attend the Skid Row Watch walk this month (I missed last month!) and got a few photos.

Estella Lopez thanks everyone for attending the walk & discusses some of the good that is accomplished by coming out & walking the community.

The skid row watch walk is a community outreach effort to both familiarize the community with the issues that Central City East (our Historic Core & Old Bank District adjacent neighbor) deals with every day, and an outreach opportunity to get folks off the street and into shelters or seek medical attention.

Other blogs do a MUCH better job covering the skid row day to day issues, so I won't get into all that is CCE and the daily plight and issues at hand. If you are interested and want to go on the next walk, it's the first Wednesday of every month at about 6pm and leaves from the Midnight Mission at 6th & San Julien no later than 615pm.

It's led by CCEA's Estella Lopez and usually includes several community outreach focused folks from the LAPD like Cpt Jodi Wakefield and others, as well the CCE BID & Public Safety, stakeholders in the business and residential community (that's people like you & me).

LAPD Cpt Jodi Wakefield, Central Division, is one of several committed to helping the community she serves.

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