Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cheap & Easy

When you're craving something sweet for dessert and you're not exactly packing a thick wallet; there's at least one thing you can get for about $5 or less around downtown.. or in this case, Burbank.
Old Fashion Sign
Ice cream!

Not to be confused with those jacked up faux yo places.. I'm not talking frozen yogurt or tofutti or Italian gelato.. nope! Ice cream. Good old fashioned ice cream.. melt all over your hand before you can finish it ice cream.. (ok it didn't melt all over my hand but it was warm and the ice cream melts.. I'm being taking creative license).

Californians know about Fosters Freeze Those of us who grew up in the Midwest could possibly try and compare them to something like Dairy Queen, but it's not the same really. Fosters Freeze was founded in Inglewood in 1946 by George Foster, and the chain has since grown all over the state. There's one on University Avenue in Berkeley, CA I used to go to a couple times when living there.

The Burbank location, while still having one of the original 'old fashion' signs is something like store #26, but has very similar architecture to the original locations.

Fosters Freeze Burbank, CA
for about $4.50-$5.00 you can get 2 medium ice cream cones at Fosters Freeze.. and yeah they're open pretty late on a Friday night..

2 medium chocolate dipped vanilla cones. Perfect!

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