Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Over a Year Later, LAPD "May Day" discipline

According to the LAPD blog, an outline of disciplinary measures has been brought forward from the egregious melee that occurred in MacArthur Park May 1st of 2007. During what had been previously deemed a peacable rally for immigration rights & reform,a handful of ne'er do wells made it bad for those in attendance, and some handful of LAPD made it incredibly worse for all.

From LAPD's blog:
Chief of Police to Mete Out Discipline

"The personnel complaint investigation alone represented over 12,000 hours of work and was the most exhaustive investigation in Department history. Many sworn and civilian personnel of all ranks completed witness and complainant interviews, a detailed analysis of video tape and still photography, and numerous updates and comprehensive reports.

Twenty-nine named officers were charged with one or more acts or omissions, for a combined total of 80 allegations. The Chief of Police sustained 31 allegations against 15 officers. Among the officers disciplined, three will also receive a reduction in paygrade and four will be transferred from Metropolitan Division."

Read the entire article as linked above. Better late than never, right? Hopefully this will do something to repair the damage that a few have wrought upon the reputation of the LAPD. Let those that do the job right get back to "serving & protecting" IMHO..

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