Monday, September 15, 2008

The Nickel dinner post art-walk review

Last Thursday The Nickel had a limited dinner menu set up special for art walk night. Eventually they'll be open for dinner regular, but until then you have to seize opportunities like last Thursday night when you can. Their hamburgers, selected sandwiches & salads and dessert were available from about 6-10pm that night. The bacon cheeseburger was excellent (as is the pulled pork sandwich) juicy and filling, and with the onion rings ($1 extra) made for a good side dish.

As for desserts:
Special Treat!
There was a yummy, but limited selection of The Nickel's desserts available at the Nickel on Art Walk night. Too many to choose from, but I'm looking forward to eventually trying them all. ;)

I took very few pix at all, but the rest of my set is here:
Art Walk 09/08


Big City Poz said...

I wish the Nickle had opened before I left. It has a better salad selecion than Banquette and it also has burgers and fries.

Are the onion rings breaded or battered? Are they crunchy?

meekorouse said...

yeah they have a lot of yummy options! I think the onion rings are breaded not battered.. but they are good! I wish had taken pix of the dinner I ordered. I felt lucky to get the dessert plate though..

They didn't have it that night but they have a really good tres leches with berries; and a 'double stuffed orea' that look omg.. really really good. I've yet to try so many things there.. I wish I could afford to go everyday! LOL

oh well.