Friday, July 18, 2008

catching up..

After spending a full day in Disneyland yesterday for their 53rd birthday celebration, I go and catch sick!
Kiki watches something up above.

So I'm a little behind on things but want to be sure and remind folks about the Pet Summit that is being held on the South Lawn of City Hall this Sunday the 20th from 10 -4pm.. It's being sponsored by CD9's own Jan Perry.. and you can find out more from Don Garza, LA's own town crier.

shoe fetish

photos above ©ps rouse (kiki my girl & alexander my boy kitty that likes to teeth on my shoes).


skidrowdude said...

what is this pet thing at City Hall on Sunday?

I cannot believe I have not heard one thing about this- please provide a link or 2 to web sites...

meekorouse said...

doh! I don't have any linkage for it unfortunately. Don Garza was out & about with fliers a couple days back but since then I've been afk all day yesterday and most of today. Now of course I can't find my flier!

you can email don at:

as he's the main planner behind it. Supposedly there will be several booths set up on the South Lawn Sunday providing info opportunities to downtowners with pets. ;)