Friday, July 25, 2008

just like a little town in the big woods

It's always fun running into friends..

After Big City Poz & I had a filling lunch at Fallafel Express we were making our way back toward Main Street when we ran into our friend the LA Town Crier, fresh from another City meeting.

Don was looking model smart in his suit. We caught up and then we were all on our way. That's how it is in the Historic Core. There's always someone to say hello to and pass the time.

As for Joe..

Joe in blue
if you see him say hello and wish him well. He's Eureka-bound very soon. We'll miss him very much...

Ruby in Profile
and his little dog too!


Big City Poz said...

Thanks for all of those great boxes, Pamela. They were just what I needed and it's a nice feeling knowing that we shared them!

I'll miss you too.

meekorouse said...

hee hee.. anytime you need boxes to move just let me know, especially if you decide you are tired of Eureka (but I doubt you will be for some time!) =)

ps: thanks for the call today.. we were at the Gilroy Outlets during our usual tea time.