Saturday, July 12, 2008

what's new, neighbor?

I'm really looking forward to my buddy Big City Poz & Ruby getting back to the Old Bank District and hearing about their adventures in Eureka!

To keep busy.. I've done the following this week:

wash and fold my laundry (with not a lot of help from Alexander)

Alexander helps with the Laundry

took a walk with Isis & Eric (and the Downtown Dog Walking group)

steak salad @Pitfire Pizza
gone out to dinner a few too many times (including a couple meals at Pitfire (above), Rocket, Warung and (drool)Weeneez (I can't help that last one).

I also ended up at Art Walk, and plan to eat at Weeneez a couple more times in the near future, as they are having their first Sunday brunch on the 13th. Lime is re-opening (after a 3wk hiatus) on Disneyland's birthday (that's July 17th for the non-Disneyphiles) Lime has nothing to do with Disney, btw, it's just easy for me personally to remember that way. ;P

Speaking of Disney I have several friends from out of town making their yearly trek to Disneyland for the NFFC Convention and the Disneyland birthday. We'll have to see yet if this downtown dweller gets on the bus or not.

hello neighbor
woke up yesterday after a late night to this view out my window..

and Alexander had his own issues..
Alexander vs. the Pigeon
Alexander vs. the Pigeon

Not much else going on at the moment; however, I have a hint for future postings:

Welcome back Joe & Ruby! =) Let the planning begin yet again!


skidrowdude said...

Joe and Ruby are back already? I hope we can get together (Banquette?) and hear some stories of his adventure.

You've had a busy (and tasty-sounding) week- I hope you'll relax some on Sunday at brunch... maybe I'll run into you and other neighbors/bloggers.

Mmm- GARLIC!!!

meekorouse said...

hey there! I think he & Ruby are driving back today.. so by the end of the weekend I would think. I like to leave something up over the weekend.

Big City Poz said...

I'm back! I arrived yesterday afternoon used and spent--but also successful and hopeful. Change is in the wind.

Say, it looks as if Eric has really been working those arms! I'm jealous.

I look forward to seeing everyone now that I'm back.


skidrowdude said...

Hey Joe- welcome back!!! Although it's bittersweet with the news of your move...

Ha ha on the arms... I'm still depleated from a 72 hour IV, but lots of rice is helping (plus my trusty stash of 2-ene 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol - yeah baby!)

And did you tell Meeko I was in my 20s??? I appreciate you streching the truth for me, but PLEASE, make it realistic...

Let's all get together once (or more) before you have to leave us...