Saturday, May 12, 2012

Soy-riffic Soyrizo Saturday!


Yes, another post about Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe! We haven't been here for breakfast since we moved (I have to use that clarification, as we HAVE eaten here since we decided we wanted to come home).

It was still relatively early, but the place was busy.. about 15minutes and then we got a seat in the back.. We immediately ordered our coffee!
Coffee here.. time to order..

I"ve been cutting back on my meat eating (No really!) and I like to do "Meatless Mondays" and on occasion a few meatless meals in between. One of the things I wished I could have tried during Lent was the "Meatless Soyrizo Scramble" ($9.50) so this was as good a time as any:
Meatless Soyrizo Scramble
Soyrizo scramble: consists of 3 eggs, corn, green onions, soyrizo, and pepper-jack cheese.

black beans.. more than you might want
served with black beans.. at least a cup's worth.. It may be more than you possibly could need or want after the scramble and toast.

Sean ordered the French Toast Deuces Wild ($10.50):
French Toast Deuces Wild!
2 slices of Challah French Toast served with toasted almond slices, 2 eggs any style and choice of a meat (veggie sausage, chicken-apple sausage or in this instance: bacon). They also have a pancake version called "Pancakes Deuces Wild!" of course..

Sean said he chose this in honor of a friend of ours (who was working her final breakfast shift at a Disneyland Hotel restaurant.) When we were regulars at her restaurant, we often ordered a similar item called "Hooked on Twos."

One of the things I really like about Rudy's is how vegetarian-friendly they are. Many of the dishes are veggie-friendly, or can be made veggie or vegan-friendly with tofu substituting as the protein.

The staff is pretty knowledgable, providing very good and often friendly service. The food is always good to really great! I'd be hard-pressed to mention anything that wasn't worth trying at least once.

We definitely don't go here enough to be regulars, but between here & Doyle Street, I'm a very happy & stuffed Meeko. So until next time.. =)

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