Saturday, May 05, 2012

Nation's Giant Hamburgers & Breakfast!


Nation's Giant Hamburgers (and Pies) is a local Bay Area chain.. According to their Company Website they started as a hot dog stand on San Pablo Avenue well over 50 years ago. You can go to the site to read all about how they created the "best hamburgers in the nation" and all that..

Honestly I can say Nation's is right up there in my top five of best freaking bacon cheeseburgers I've had. I like to order them with hash browns on the side:
Bacon Cheeseburger & hash browns

They have bbq sauce you can pump into a little condiment cup so I use that on my cheeseburger as well Tabasco for the potatoes. One of the things I forgot about was how they cut a whole slice of onion to put on the hamburger.. I mean a whole slice.. I end up taking a bit off (as well a good amount of the mayo that is slathered on the bun) as a couple rings of raw onion are all it really needs, IMHO:
bacon cheeseburger w/ hash browns

Some of the Nation's locations do breakfast all day like the one we went to in Albany.. We'll usually get the one or "two egger" breakfast with linguica (Portuguese sausage) but today Sean decided on bacon as his meat side.. and wheat toast.
"2 egger" breakfast w/ bacon & wheat toast

Wash it all down with a soda.. (Diet Coke):
sodas.. (they do diet coke)

Nation's is also known for their pies.. One of these days we'll leave some room so we can share some pix of their pies (especially the cream pies or the strawberry pie!). The distance is a bit far to walk or ride bikes, so more than likely it would be when we have a car for the day, which might be few and far between.

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