Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Friday Night at Rudy's


AKA: the "I can Haz Cheeseburger" Rudy's edition..

Friday night soda run had us thinking about food.. Our neighborhood pizza and bread joint Arizmendi's was closed, and somehow we ended up here.. Rudy's (which was already a favorite, but is fast becoming one of our 'regular' places).

We started it off with the Boneless Buffalo Chicken Tenders:
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Tenders (w/ ranch)

I came in craving mac & cheese and ended up ordering a Bacon Classic with cheese, served w/ salad instead of fries:
Bacon Classic w/ Cheese

Sean ordered a very similar burger, "The Chupacabra" which was goat cheese and bacon:
Chupacabra Burger

I had a Coke Zero and Sean had the "Shaken Jesse" and after we ate all that our original server (whose name I can't recall but runs the counter really great!!) had already gone off shift. Another guy, "M" was working the counter.. He kept hitting me with a new Coke Zero as we decided on dessert..

Sean went along with me and we split a slice of the Coconut Cream Pie:
Coconut Cream pie

Not sure why it was served with a dollop of whipped cream (we were asked if we wanted it a la mode which we declined) but who cares: it was good. The graham-y crust was sweet and crumbly and had a cinnamon-y-ness to it as well coconut. I am pretty sure there were bits of coconut in the crust.. If you don't like coconut, you won't like this but it was good! The pie itself wasn't especially coconut-y, but had a creamy, whipped texture to it. I would definitely order it again next time I've gone without a cooler pie for a while.

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