Monday, May 14, 2012

Saturday Walk-about

Saturday we headed out to have breakfast at Rudy's and then take our little cart to various places to run errands before the day got too late. On our way to Rudy's I spotted this plaque partially hidden by bushes on Park Avenue:

Oakland Oaks Plaque on Park
It commemorates where the Oakland Ball Park once stood.. which is now a parking lot..

Also along Park is the park-like area of the Pixar campus.. Roses grow along the fence line:
Roses on Park

After breakfast, while we 'ran' our errands and got our daily steps in, Sean & I came upon a couple ducks and their family swimming in the creek near the 80:

I made a quick video as they swam by:

We continued on, passing up IKEA where a big semi was unloading a steaming pile of mulch. Seriously.. this semi had this mechanism that would push out the mulch in large clumps.. falling onto the pavement in one giant heap.. and yes I got a video of that:

We made our way after, as we had cold milk in our TJ's cooler bag we needed to get home with after all! We were approaching the bridge we saw someone had finally started working on the busted lightpost that had been sticking out of the pavement, wires askew, tripping anyone up that didn't see it.

Well, at least they put some cones there.

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