Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Personal Parking

In case there were any doubts.. This truck parks here:
on Sixth Street Berkeley

personal parking on 6th near Gilman

Found in Berkeley on 6th near Gilman, (across the street from Jimmy Beans)


andrea said...

This is totally random... but I used to live in DTLA and followed blogdowntown from the beginning and sometimes linked to your blog from there. After many months, today I decided to check blogdowntown again and look at the blogs I used to read when living in LA. To my surprise, your banner showed Emeryville, which is where we've lived since December. I was just surprised by the coincidence and felt like writing a comment. Hope you are enjoying life here.


Pamela Rouse said...

Hey thanks!

Sean & I are happy to be back home in the Eastbay! Sean & I lived in Berkeley long before we lived in DTLA so it's nice to be back near the old neighborhood again.

BlogDowntown is definitely a different blog these days.. Everyone, including Eric is no longer involved with BlogDowntown and have moved from DTLA proper. It became a product of KPCC the end of last year and Eric has very recently relocated to Atlanta.

I loved helping Eric. It was fun and gave me a chance to not only learn a lot about things going on in our area but stay involved in my own little way and give me some practice at writing.

While I don't expect to be interviewing and writing stories here on this blog, I do plan to keep up with our new adventures here.. no matter how mundane. =)

How are you finding Emeryville?? It's definitely a different experience than DTLA.. I miss the small town neighborhood feel of Old Bank District but love our area.. It's got so many pluses that DTLA has been fighting for all these years.. I get the impression from other Emeryville blogs there is a real love/hate with how things run here.

When we lived in Berkeley, Emeryville was the place we'd go to shop or see movies.. Now we live here and it's Berkeley that we go to on occasion. =) We walk everywhere like in DTLA and run our errands with a cooler/granny cart. One of these days I'll get on my bike and start exploring around a bit more.

andrea said...

Thanks for responding!

I did not now about all the changes with BlogDowntown, we moved here recently but had left downtown a couple of years ago.

I will continue to learn of good places to eat from your experiences, so thanks in advance :)

We got here in December with a one year old and a baby on the way (she is a month old now), so our life is very different from yours. I can tell you about playgrounds in the area though!

I wanted a place that was easy and convenient and having the shops and mainly trader joe's nearby does the job. We've liked it here so far and it is a short bus ride for my husband to get to work in SF, so it works for us.

I'll say hi if I ever see you walking around town.

Pamela Rouse said...

yay! I have one reader.. more pressure for me to go eat somewhere new.. =)

So far we've been doing OK without a car.. we're a close enough walk to the Emery-Go-Round and can take that to BART so getting to and from the airports is pretty stress free.. I had to take a cab home on my last trip since I got in so late, but otherwise no problem.

Hopefully you can get out with the baby now and again.. LaneSplitter is pretty kid friendly (the one in Emeryville anyway) I'll keep an eye out for family-friendly as I go..

One of our favorite places is Arizmendi (like Cheeseboard in Berkeley) on San Pablo Avenue.. yummy and reasonable.. very fresh baked goods and pizza (meatless) and won't break the bank..