Friday, December 18, 2015

Shiba Ramen

Shiba Ramen
Shiba Ramen was still soft opening its location in the Emeryville Public Market as we stopped in on a rainy Friday night.

By the time we showed up they were down to only a couple servings of ramen and sides. We were able to get an order of Miso Ramen and an order of gyoza and their Shiba Wings..

Miso Ramen 2

the gyoza was gyoza.. very lightly fried and tasty but you know, it's gyoza.. serving was perfect for sharing.

now for the most amazing thing we had.. the Shiba Wings:
Shiba Wings
What you can't tell from the photo is the light honey sprinkled goodness.. and when you bite into the wings, OMGz the juiciness! So good.. I was suggesting we get a couple order of these whenever possible just to take home.

As it was they closed while we were eating as they had sold out of EVERYTHING! (not surprising!)

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