Saturday, December 12, 2015


Heyday on University

Today was the annual Heyday Books holiday sale.. I think this might be a regular thing for me (what with attending 2 years in a row now!) and since they publish some really great books, whatever you get will be a good choice. SeanYoda went with me, thinking that he'd keep me from over-shopping, but he found some titles he wanted too.. Suffice to say I walked home with a nice haul of books to read in the new year..

Heyday Holiday Sale 2015

I went specifically to pick up a copy of LAtitudes and So Far From Home: Russians in Early California but as you can tell, I ended up with a lot more to add to my little home library of California interests! I'm especially happy to finally have my own copy of All of Us or None as I have really enjoyed reading all of Lincoln Cushing's poster art books previously, including this one.)

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