Friday, November 20, 2015

San Francisco Public Library

Spending some time in the City earlier today.. I checked out the Main Branch library this afternoon, (and got a library card before I headed out.) The first thing I saw when I walked in was this lovely glass domed skylight.. I was like "Wait a minute!"

SF Public Library Main Branch

I wasn't supposed to be thinking about maths today! =) ..and yet I was:
(the skylight had me thinking of an old book..)

The next thing I noticed was the sheer size and contrasting newness while all around was the unmistakable smell of musty old books.

stairs.. there's some 6 floors..

here at the entry you cross over a bridge of sorts and look down onto the first floor:
SF Main Branch Library

I made sure to get a library card before I headed out. They didn't have the book I wanted to checkout but I could place a hold order but would rather not make a special trip to the city just to borrow a book,(unless it's a really good book!) Yeah, I'm lazy like that. ;)

The sun was starting to fade.. time to go home! I couldn't leave without a photo of one of the Market Streetcars..
Chase Bank on Market

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