Wednesday, November 25, 2015

One Cat Family Now

my little boy..

toe attack..
while he doesn't help me sleep,

and he's terrible at helping me with my homework..
My Maths Tutor!
in fact, he'd rather park himself on my textbooks & notes than meow the answers to me..

He does miss me & greets me at the door whenever I come home from being out on a walk or at school:

I'm thinking to create a new blog to put all those cat pix.. old and new.. starting back in Sept 10th, 2001 when Alexander first came to us as a 3 week old kitten (we're eventually letting our website lapse.. so where to host those cat pix??) and honestly, these are a bit more personal than I wanted to put here.. but he (and his sister while she was with us)is definitely a good part of the good stuff in my life here in Berkeley, and what makes life livable for me.. and a better Thanksgiving.

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