Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Maths!

When in doubt.. read more!

On my quest to make maths the center of my universe and foil the fates.. I'm entreating the book gods to help me out with my maths problem. (What?!!)

ie: I'm really enjoying reading Amir D. Aczel's "Chance"..It's a small book (about 160pgs) has few math equations but a lot of exposition about theory and how things are solved.

Here he is discussing his book "Finding Zero" the beginning of this year at Google Cambridge,Ma. (It's only about 58min. long and discusses math history! er, well, his travels searching out the origin of zero)

It's still too early to know if the reading will help me, but it's better than doing nothing and just struggling through the homework,(in general.) So when in doubt.. keep reading!

more math!
(and don't forget to pick up your 'hold book'..)

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