Tuesday, December 23, 2008

False Alarm at the Barclay


Being close to a Fire Department in a true emergency is good thing. This can be attested by the many calls that seem to go out around our neighborhood whether at the Alexandria around the corner, or the warehouse on Winston earlier this year.

Regardless what the reason, I remind myself daily how important these guys are & what an excellent job they do. So tonight rather than get frustrated with the loud interruption to my viewing of "White Christmas" (it's not as if it's not available on DVD) I went downstairs to investigate.

Initially there were some four or five vehicles.. including 2 large ladder trucks gathered around the corner on 4th Street, down below on Main in front of the Hellman Building and the future location of the Medallion. From the vantage of the loft I could see folks running up the sidewalk to Pete's Cafe to get a closer look.

"purple shirts" were securing the intersection on either end of Main Street at 4th as well at the corner at Winston.

checking out the scene

several firemen had gone up the ladder to observe one of the units (my best guess).

City Hall can be seen shining in the background as the Fire Department work on retracting the ladder.

With everything seeming A-OK the LAFD eventually wrapped up and by the time I returned to the loft, they were well on their way to whatever came next.

Oh, and eventually my girl Kiki Cat & myself got back to watching "White Christmas" with limited interruption.

Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas & thank you to the LAFD & all our Public Safety folks who protect us all day & night.

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