Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeko on Main Street USA

It's been rather quiet here lately..
A different Main Street.. a different coast.

I will be missing my first Downtown Art Walk this year. I recall last year that I kept meaning to go, and then didn't. Putting it off seems silly now. I love Art Walk. I'm bummed I'm going to miss it.

There's several events to look forward to that night including some really great opportunities to get some fantastic art pieces for the holiday. (Be sure and check out Juie Rico's Gallery & Weeneez where some really cool art is available in her "Don't Go to the Mall" installation, as well some truly beautiful ceramic holiday bells will be hanging inside Weeneez. I heard there may be some smaller versions available for sale for under $30.

If you're in the mood for caroling, the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles will be meeting up at 6th & Spring at 7pm Thursday evening for caroling around the neighborhood,(according to Ginny Case).

I love caroling but I'll be missing it. Instead I'll be enjoying some great handbell performances by one of my friends & his group at the Grand Floridian Resort in WDW (Walt Disney World). So you see I really do have a good excuse for missing stuff. Despite the scary rumors, there is just one of me.. (and we should all be thankful for that! LOL!).

No worries, I'm still trying to keep up with you all.. don't think I'm going to let my blog go completely silent these next handful of days. =) My posts may be tinged with a bit of "magic" and "pixie dust" (hey.. not that kind!) but I'll try to keep it slightly relevant & then back to the really good 4th & Main observations..

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